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Download a PDF copy of RainDog's Prices & Policies.

Introductory Visit 

Before engaging RainDog's services, an introductory home visit is required. These visits are always free, and provide an opportunity to meet your pet, evaluate its suitability for RainDog's services, and answer any questions that you might have. An information packet, including service descriptions, rates, policies, and all waivers, will be available for review.

The evaluation will include an assessment of several factors that will help RainDog provide your pet with the safest and most beneficial experiences. This includes but is not limited to: age, leash walking habits, a behavior history, level of training, physical fitness, temperament, and play style.


New Clients - 10% off price of first service visit
Referrals - 50% off one visit when your referral completes 3 visits (discount excludes hikes)
Monthly Prepay - $1 off each visit for the prepaid calendar month
Multiple-Dog Households - $4 off each additional dog from the same household per outing

All Dog Outings

Unless otherwise requested or approved in advance, no other dogs will accompany yours for outings, allowing for more individualized attention, play, and safety. Likewise, full choke collars will never be used on your dog, and prong collars will only be used with your consent. Treats, water, and dog-safe first aid supplies are available at all times. Basic obedience commands and proper behavior are positively reinforced throughout each outing, and 100% biodegradable poop bags are used to clean up after your dog along the way. Each week, you will get a report of your dog's highlights, progress, or any concerns that may arise along with your service statement or invoice.

Required Documents

Prior to the first date of service, an introductory visit with your dog(s) in your home must be completed, and all required forms must be completed, signed, and returned to RainDog Walking:
    -Acknowledgment of Risk & Release of Liability
    -Veterinary Care Permission & Release
    -Pet Background form

Vaccinations & Spay/Neuter

In appreciation of your preferences to either vaccinate or not, or to spay/neuter or not, RainDog Walking requires only those vaccinations to be current that are required by law (rabies) and always accepts intact pets, provided that you, to the best of your knowledge, advise RainDog of each time that your unaltered female goes into heat and provide any sanitary supplies necessary. While RainDog strives to provide the highest level of supervision and care, unforeseen circumstances may arise that result in an unwanted breeding of your unaltered female or by your unaltered male, and RainDog cannot be held responsible for such events.

Additional Fees

Transportation - $0.20/mile. Transportation fees are assessed for walks only if you request park/trail walking beyond 5 miles away from the dog's pickup location.

Emergency Care - $35/hour. Fees for emergency care are assessed if your pet(s) require unscheduled supervision or care by RainDog that extends beyond your regularly scheduled time of service. Time is rounded to the nearest 15 minutes. Exceptions may be made in special circumstances.

 Identification for Dog Outings

In addition to their own identification tags, all dogs must wear on their collar or harness special  RainDog ID tags (provided for the duration of the outing) for added safety in the event that your dog(s) should escape or become separated from the dog walker at any time.


RainDog currently accepts payments by cash or check only. Payment for dog walks, running, and hiking is due at or before the time of service unless other arrangements are made beforehand. Pet sitting booking deposits (non-refundable) are due at the time of booking, and the balance is due prior to the time of service unless other arrangements are made beforehand.


Cancellations can be made by phone or e-mail, and must be received at least 24 hours prior to the time of service for a full refund (if canceled visit was prepaid). Holiday visits must be canceled at least 72 hours prior to the time of service for a refund (booking fee is non-refundable). For cancellations received less than 24 hours before the time of service, 50% of the full fee will be charged, due either at the next scheduled date of service or within 14 days of the canceled date, whichever is sooner. If RainDog is not notified of a cancellation of service, we will arrive as scheduled and the full service fee will be charged.


It is your responsibility, as the owner or guardian of your pet, to disclose any relevant behavioral history, tendencies, or problems (such as bite history) your pet has had in the past to RainDog before services begin. You must also keep RainDog informed of any such issues as they arise, so that the appropriate precautions can be taken.

Since there are many reasons why and situations in which a dog may become aggressive toward other dogs, RainDog will not necessarily exclude from its services dogs that show this kind of  behavior. Aggressive displays are evaluated with this in mind and will be reported to you as soon as possible, along with any relevant recommendations. With the exception of some serious cases, displays of aggression by your dog toward other dogs usually will not prevent its participation in future RainDog activities, since such aggression is most often manageable.

There are also many reasons why a dog may show aggressive behavior toward humans; however, because of the potentially devastating consequences of such behavior to any humans involved, and most certainly to the dog and its owner(s), such behavior is not as easily acceptable. Again, each incident is evaluated in context and with the history of the dog in mind, and a report with relevant recommendations is provided as soon as possible. Aggression toward humans by your dog may not necessarily limit your dog's participation in RainDog activities.


You should carefully monitor your pet's health both before and after any service with RainDog and report signs of illness as soon as possible. While RainDog cannot be held responsible for any illness that may arise during or after a service, RainDog takes the health and well-being of every animal it cares for absolutely seriously and will alert other clients to the illness, since it may have been passed on by or to any of the other pets in RainDog's care. If you know your pet is ill and still want service during the illness, you must provide that information at least 24 hours in advance. Depending on the nature of the illness, it may be necessary to adjust or postpone your service.
Since RainDog provides food treats on all outings (unless otherwise requested), please provide any known food or environmental allergy information before services begin.

Leashes, Collars & Harnesses

RainDog ONLY uses its own, static, 6-foot or 4-foot leashes in order to maintain the highest degree of control and safety for your dog. At the discretion of RainDog, a temporary collar or harness may be substituted for your dog's collar or harness if deemed unsuitable or unsafe. Collars used will be limited slip collars sized  small enough that the dog cannot back out of it, but not small enough to render a choke. If such a collar is unsuitable for your dog, a harness will be used instead. Unless you already use a prong/pinch collar, this tool will never be used on your dog without your prior knowledge and consent.

When car travel is necessary, RainDog may use a harness to restrain your dog while inside the vehicle, depending upon the car riding habits of your dog and any other dogs that may also be inside the vehicle.

In rare circumstances, use of a muzzle may be deemed necessary to protect other dogs and/or humans that your dog comes into contact with. Your dog will never be muzzled without your prior knowledge and consent.

Pack Outings

You are always welcome to join your pets on outings conducted by RainDog, with or without prior notification. When car travel is necessary and space is limited, you may be asked to provide your own transportation.

Unless specifically requested and/or approved by you in advance, no other dog(s) will join yours during walks, runs, or hikes. On occasion, there may be other dogs inside the same vehicle with your dog (when car travel is necessary), and in such cases appropriate measures will be taken to ensure the comfort and safety of all dogs present, including but not limited to the use of car harness restraints, car barriers, or crates.

Breed Discrimination

It's RainDog's policy NEVER to discriminate in any way against any dog on the basis of breed or appearance of any kind, and RainDog holds this kind of discrimination to be not only unethical, but also unkind to the animal in question as well as its owners and, ultimately, detrimental to all those who share their lives and homes with animals.